Akadeemia Bowling

Akadeemia Bowling is a place where professional bowlers, club members and recreational players come to play, train and spend their free time. As we offer food and drink and the possibility to play pool, it is a popular destination for social gatherings and entertainment. Parents can organise their children’s birthday parties here. There is also a children’s play corner for the youngest members of the family. Those not interested in bowling can play pool.

The lanes

We’ve just recently finished redecorating and replacing almost everything there is to replace. So all of our bowling balls are round, the lanes are straight and the pins are as curvy as they have to be.
Our centre is the only one in Estonia with 16 lanes in a line.
We can fit you and about 100 of your friends without it feeling cramped.
We’re probably the best place in Estonia (for bowling).

Where to find us

We are located on the second floor of the Mustamäe Recreational Centre (Mustamäe Elamuste Keskus). There is a parking area for up to 300 cars around the building.